Baja Fresh coupons

“Eat well and live fresh” is a logo of the Mexican restaurant Baja Fresh. Their menu confirms the statement that fast food can be made healthy and fresh. Baja Fresh prepares dishes by hand from the freshest and not pre-packaged products of high quality. Moreover, the chain of restaurants cares about their visitors so much that even quantity of the calories of an every dish is included in the menu and special 600 calorie menu is offered. Besides that, on the site every client may get printable coupons for a discount.
The variety of menu items is presented by burritos, tacos and taquitos, fire-grilled chicken, nachos, chips, desserts, beverages and others. In addition, there is particular menu for kids. It is quite convenient to make use of the catering service providing for freshly prepared food made with farm-produced, not tin-canned products rich with all natural proteins. Besides that, a convenient reusable bag package includes utensils, plates and napkins. To stay totally satisfied with the restaurant Baja Fresh get a benefit from the coupon codes for their discounts and current specials. They invite everyone to taste delicious and healthy dishes made from real recipes for real fans of Mexican food and healthy lifestyle.